Technology offshore outsourcing plan for riordan manufacturing

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Technology offshore outsourcing plan for riordan manufacturing

In each supply chain location inventory is received as raw goods, manufactured then shipped to customers throughout the world. Currently, the process used to monitor and forecast inventory has not shared innovation available in the market today.

Learning Team B LTB Incorporated is providing a process which will deliver innovation and technology used in the following areas: Currently Riordan Manufacturing does not have technology implemented in their business to perform this task.

By incorporating the advancements requested by LTB, enhanced inventory tracking and increased revenue will be obtained.

Presently, Riordan Manufacturing uses a combination of paper and electronic channels of communication. Although the final implementation continues to incorporate electronic channels of communication, the new system will include several new enhancements.

These include documentation, order management, inventory control, and data storage. In the past, the receiving supervisor on duty was in charge of checking the packing slips and for ensuring the email notifications were sent out.

This is no longer the case. Once items are scanned, inventory will be updated in real-time.

Technology offshore outsourcing plan for riordan manufacturing

This update will ensure management and other locations are aware when new materials are received. Furthermore, Inventory tracker software will compare raw materials received versus materials ordered. If a discrepancy occurs, the tracking system will send an e-mail to the shipping area supervisor.

In addition, to ensure the supplier acknowledges that products have been received, a confirmation of materials received is sent to the supplier via e-mail, which includes each item with its new bar code number.

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Unlike the current system, LTB will enhance inventory automation by incorporating a system which allows real-time inventory updates, elimination of data entry error and the ability of all facets of the organization to monitor inventory updates. LTB will also suggest implementation of a new process to manage inventory.

The amount of raw material used in manufacturing will be indicated via the Inventory control software. By de-allocating inventory before the manufacturing process, Riordan can monitor inventory and allow real-time updates on new material which will be produced.

Since all new merchandise is tracked by the inventory tracking database, system generated e-mails can be programmed to notify management when finished products are available. The program can also be set to notify management whenever new inventory is received.

Based on need, email notification can go out immediately after it is processed or at the end of the business day. As the sales department completes orders, the information is input into the customer shipping and billing system CSBS.

After orders are entered, the shipping manager receives two e-mails: The team responsible for shipping out orders knows what is available since the CSBS and the inventory tracker will share information.

After orders are fulfilled packages are tracked via RFID, which provides where the item will ship from, along with information regarding ETA.

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In addition, an order confirmation is sent to the customer via e-mail. Physical inventory is then updated once the goods are shipped to customer. Investigation LTB began by conducting interviews with Mr. The SR called for systems changes to improve inventory or manufacturing processes using computer system utilization.

Several meetings were conducted between LTB and Mr.Articles from Manufacturing Close-Up May 6, on HighBeam Research. Financial Systems offshore Outsourcing Project Plan for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. This Case Study Financial Systems offshore Outsourcing Project Plan for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

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Inventory is the stock of any point or resource used in an organisation. An stock list system is the set of policies and controls that monitor degrees of stock list and find what degrees should be maintained, when stock should be replenished, and how big orders should be.

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Jan 27, Finally, the last major disadvantage Riordan Manufacturing faces with this offshore outsourcing project is the potential impact of the political environment between both the United States in addition to China.

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Technology offshore outsourcing plan for riordan manufacturing


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