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Real friend

Forced feminization often includes bondage. Verbal abuse and often elaborate embarassment is a common variation, usually with severe bondage. There is a strong tradition of strong, dominant women holding their husbands in submission and forcing them to serve in much the same way as I would use a female slave: If the dominant is a man, then he might be called master.

The person upon whom the bondage is performed is called a submissive, sub, or slave. A person who does both is called a switch. In light bondage, a sissy is lightly restrained. This can include such things as tying a sissy up with silk or ropes or a simple blindfold.

In light bondage, the sissy in bondage can normally escape from the bondage on his own. The purpose of light bondage is to give the sensation of giving up control. In heavy bondage, a sissy is more seriously restrained.

This can include ropes, chains, cuffs, Real friend, and all kinds of specialty gear.

Real friend

In heavy bondage, the sissy in bondage cannot normally escape on his own. Rope Real friend can be very intricate, an artform in itself.

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Masters and mistresses may want to learn macrama. A severe form of rope bondage is the hog tie. Chain bondage can be put together with lengths of chain purchased at a standard hardware store. Post bondage is any bondage involving a post. The classic sissy version is to be chained or roped to a post outdoors.

This is usually a secluded back yard, but some braver sissies are bound to a front porch post or other post or tree in the front yard. Bondage horse involves using furniture similar to a gymnastic horse for bondage. Forced feminization always includes some level of fantasy, as real forced feminization would be a serious violation of human rights.

For some people, forced feminization is pure fantasy. For others, forced feminization is partly fantasy and partly reality.

There is huge variation in what parts are real and what parts are fantacized. Even which parts are interesting or explored varies.


Here are some variations and options for reality and fantasy: Forced feminization can be a masturbation fantasy for men or women. Men and women can fantacize being the man forcibly feminized or being the master or being the mistress.

There is a huge variation in feminine attire chosen. Most costume choices are keyed to a variation of the forced feminization fantasies. High heels are common, especially with extreme heel heights.

Ballet shoes, especially with extreme high heels, are a popular option, especially with show sissy or ballerina fantasies. Stockings and garter belts are popular, but many sissies start with pantyhose. Fishnet patterns and ribbon bows are common.

Panties and bras of all kinds are popular.

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Some sissies wear excessive numbers of panties. Some colors and designs of panties may be associated with particular fantasies. Panties section has information on how to make your own pink ruffled panties! Some padded panties also pull in the stomach.

Bubble panties are panties with two layers. Gaffes hide the cock and balls. There are rubber and latex panties that provide fake vaginal lips. Wearable pussy panties allow a trransvestite to have their own vagina. There are transvestite bras with fake breasts, as well as a variety of breast forms.FriendFinder does not conduct criminal background screening of its members.

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