Pros and cons of arranged marriage

They met when the parents of Sandhya placed a newspaper ad looking for potential husbands for their child.

Pros and cons of arranged marriage

Pros and cons of arranged marriage

Tweet on Twitter An arranged marriage is one where the families have pre decided on a spouse for the child. The two people getting married often do not know each other, and have no choice in the matter.

It is a highly traditional practice in many Indian and Asian cultures, and has been practiced for centuries. The debate on this issue is difficult because the views differ greatly depending on your culture. The Pros of Arrange Marriage Here are some of the advantages of arrange marriage: Better Future The love that is present for those couples who are engaged in arrange marriage will grow stronger.

Pros and Cons of Arrange Marriages

If they think that they are not meant for each other, they are free to file a divorce or their parents will not allowed them to get married.

Family Affair Both families of arranged marriage will provide family support for both couples to start their future life easier.

Arranged marriages often come in two forms: traditional arranged marriages (i.e. the parents look for a potential bride and groom but allow their child to voice out their opinions) and forced marriages (i.e. the parents choose a bride or groom for their child, with the latter having no say in the matter). Arranged Marriage Pros and Cons. Learn about the important facts about a sacred tradition, arranged marriages. Nov 04,  · The biggest pro about arranged marriage is that it gets ugly people, especially women get married and settled. In a casual environment, most men think with their carnal desires.

This way, they can make sure that the arrange marriage couples will have a lasting relationship and financial security. Both families of the arrange marriage couples will have an agreement that they are willing to accept their child in law.

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The Love Comes According to a research, the arranged marriage couples will love each other as the time goes by and their love for each other will be more stronger. As the years pass by, most of the arrange marriage couples are creating a strong foundation of love, understanding and trust and this is one of the reasons why their relationship last for a long period of time.

The Cons of Arrange Marriage Here are some of the related issues for arranged marriage: High Divorce Rate It will not last for long time. According to researches, most arranged marriage couples typically file a divorce since they notice that they are not meant with each other and misunderstanding is typically their major problem.

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Lacking Trust No trust Factors. Since arranged marriages are considered a sacred tradition, it can be a very sensitive subject for some people. If you are planning to engage with an arranged marriage, read and understand first the pros and cons that are being associated with it before attempting to deal with the said matter.The Cons of Arranged Marriage 1.

No Ownership of Future. Many people who are forced into an arranged marriage do not feel that the decisions in their life are their own.

Pros and cons of arranged marriage

Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriages This is a topic that many people are divided on, but the only way that you can come to an unbiased opinion is for you to learn about both the pros and cons of arranged marriages. The Pros and Cons of Marriage Today Essay - The institution of marriage has been around longer than recorded history.

It is present in every known human society. Listed here are pros and cons of arranged marriage to help us evaluate whether or not you can embrace it and apply it onto your lives or children’s lives. List of Advantages of Arranged Marriage 1.

Home 8 Biggest Arranged Marriage Pros and Cons 8 Biggest Arranged Marriage Pros and Cons Arranged marriages are highly traditional practices where a family chooses a spouse for their child, sometimes before they are even born.


Pros and Cons of Arrange Marriages. Arrange marriage is a type of martial union where two unknown people are united by the third person. The groom and the .

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