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Thesis criteria and deadlines. Thesis Criteria The M. It must be written in good literate style. An exhaustive review of work in the particular field is not required, nor is original scholarship necessarily expected.

Mcgill non thesis programs

Doctor of Philosophy Ph.

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Graduate Certificates Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership 1 15 credits This credit program addresses the needs of experienced and aspiring school leaders who are taking increased responsibility for the students and communities they serve. The management of schools is increasingly seen as making a major contribution to the learning and personal development of students.

The professional development of school leaders, educational reform, and school partnership form the basis for the program. Course selection to be approved by Graduate Certificate Program Director.

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Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership 2 15 credits This credit program explores more deeply leadership theory and educational issues and applications in a practicum. Candidates for the Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership 2 should normally have completed the first certificate.

No course taken in Certificate 1 can be repeated in Certificate 2. Graduate Certificate; Teaching English as a Second Language 15 credits This credit program is designed as professional development for in-service teachers and candidates with a background in education, language studies, linguistics or a related field, or as preparation for application to our M.

The five courses that comprise the certificate provide a solid background and offer in-depth study in the field of second language education from a range of perspectives and with a focus on research and applications to teaching.

Please note that this certificate does not lead to teacher certification. Courses are offered in a combination of online and face-to-face formats, and are sequenced in such a way that students can complete the certificate in one year.

The maximum time for completion is three years. The first three courses are offered online, and can be undertaken anywhere an Internet connection is available.

The final two courses are offered face-to-face in the Summer semester either on-site at McGill or at off-site locations with collaborative partners, if numbers warrant.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations— last updated Aug. Programs Applicants to the Certificate and M.

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A minimum standing equivalent to a CGPA of 3. A concentration of courses related to the area chosen for graduate work is usually required. Applicants to the Ph.

The applicant's record should indicate high academic standing a minimum CGPA of 3.

The mcgill non thesis programs program contributes to the Foundation's overall mission to support basic research in. Led by mcgill non thesis programs Dr James Ford, the mcgill non thesis programs group’s research takes . Please consult these program. ibm zurich master thesis eth zurich master thesis template https://groups. In many universities, non-thesis students also have the opportunity to develop some research skills when working on a research paper, a project or a capstone (please note: not all non-thesis master’s programs have a project or capstone). Graduate students in non-thesis programs, graduate diplomas and certificates who have registered for all required courses but have not completed the work and/or have completed the residency.

Applicants to the Certificate and M. A letter of intent specifying academic and professional experience and interests specifically, research interests for the Thesis option or project interests for the Non-Thesis Project option.

A letter of intent identifying the applicant's proposed research topic, potential supervisor, and expected professional direction. Please note that it is the Ph. A four- to five-page summary of the proposed research topic identifying the applicant's main research questions, the research trends that have led to the questions, ways in which the research could be conducted, and relevant references.

Two letters of recommendation, at least one of which must be from a university-level instructor; the other may be from an administrator in an educationally relevant context.

Applicants to graduate studies whose mother tongue is not English and who have not completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized foreign institution where English is the language of instruction or from a recognized Canadian institution anglophone or francophonemust meet one of the following English proficiency criteria: IELTS with a minimum overall band of 7.

PBT paper-based test — The Department reserves the right to evaluate the applicant's language proficiency before initial registration.

Mcgill non thesis programs

Further requirements applicable to specific options: Graduate Certificates in Educational Leadership 1 and 2. Normally, at least two years of relevant educational experience in leadership roles or related professional experience. Applicants are required to pass a written and oral English language proficiency test set by the Department.

Master of Arts in Second Language Education. Normally, a minimum of 36 credits including a combination of relevant courses in education and language studies. Normally, at least two years of relevant professional experience in education.

Normally, at least two years of relevant educational experience teaching or related professional experience. Please see the Departmental website for additional admission requirements: Applicants must submit, before the dates for guaranteed consideration, the following: Both letters must be on institutional letterhead paper with original signatures; no standard evaluation form is available for this purpose.

Dates for Guaranteed Consideration For dates for guaranteed consideration, please consult the following website: Then select the appropriate program.

All documentation is to be submitted directly to the Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education:The program will contain an investment and corporate finance focus, and it will have an advisory board of executives from financial and non-financial corporations.

Required Courses (33 credits) ACCT Financial Statements 1 (3 credits). About Integrated Studies in Education The Department offers graduate students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge related to specific areas of inquiry in the field of education through our M.A.

degrees (thesis or non-thesis options), including our MATL leading to teacher certification, Ph.D. in Educational Studies, and graduate certificates. This credit program is offered to candidates who seek further specialization in the area of food safety but do not wish to pursue independent research.

Mcgill non thesis programs

A strong undergraduate background in microbiology and knowledge of foodborne pathogens and food toxicants are required for admission to this program. Credits are obtained through a . About Integrated Studies in Education The Department offers graduate students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge related to specific areas of inquiry in the field of education through our M.A.

degrees (thesis or non-thesis options), including our MATL leading to teacher certification, Ph.D.

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in Educational Studies, and Graduate Certificates. Master of Social Work (M.S.W) Programs The MSW Program allows students to pursue advanced social work study and practice. Students can choose the Non-Thesis option to focus on practice experience, or the Thesis option to focus on research.

The M.S.W. Non Thesis program is designed for students who have a keen interest in developing an advanced intellectual understanding and a specialized set of research skills in one of three areas: Individuals and Families; Groups, Communities and Networks; or Social Policy and Systemic Responses.

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