Luxury vehicle essay

There are plenty of options available in the market, not to mention the diversity of types such as coupes, sedans, compact, sub-compact, pickups, SUVs, and motor homes. This is what makes it difficult for people to choose a vehicle which best suits their needs. Nevertheless, if you are still making a decision regarding purchasing a car or truck, you have come to right place.

Luxury vehicle essay

Definition[ edit ] Attributing the definition of 'sports car' to any particular model can be controversial or the subject of debate among enthusiasts.

Performance modifications of regular, production cars, such as sport compactssports sedansmuscle carspony cars and hot hatchesgenerally are not considered sports cars, yet share traits common to sports cars.

Certain models can "appeal to both muscle car and sports car enthusiasts, two camps that rarely acknowledged each other's existences. More specifically, many such sports cars have a Luxury vehicle essay mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout FMRwith the centre of mass of the engine between the front axle and the firewall.

The rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout RMR is commonly found only in sports cars—the motor is centre-mounted in the chassis closer to and behind the driverand powers only the rear wheels.

Some high-performance sports car manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini have preferred this layout. The motor's distributed weight across the wheels, in a Porscheprovides excellent traction, but the significant mass behind the rear wheels makes it more prone to oversteer in some situations.

Porsche has continuously refined the design and in recent years added electronic stability control to counteract these inherent design shortcomings. This layout is advantageous for small, light, lower power sports cars, as it avoids the extra weight, increased transmission power loss, and packaging problems of a long driveshaft and longitudinal engine of FR vehicles.

However, its conservative handling effect, particularly understeerand the fact that many drivers believe rear wheel drive is a more desirable layout for a sports car count against it.

PorscheLamborghiniand the Bugatti Veyron. Although the first sports cars were derived from fast tourersand early sporting regulations often demanded four seats even three-seaters were often produced by coachbuilderstwo seats became common from about the mids.

Over the years, some manufacturers of sports cars have sought to increase the practicality of their vehicles by increasing the seating room.

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One method is to place the driver's seat in the center of the car, which allows two full-sized passenger seats on each side and slightly behind the driver. McLaren used the design in their F1. The interior was designed in such a way that the dashboard on the passenger side swept toward the front of the car, which allowed the passenger to sit farther forward than the driver.

Luxury vehicle essay

This gave the rear seat passenger extra room and made the arrangement suitable for three adult passengers and one child seated behind the driver. Some Matra sports cars even had three seats squeezed next to each other.This service will be useful for: At you will find a wide variety of top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible topics absolutely for free.

According to a survey conducted to see the “Positioning of Luxury Vehicle Brands in the Pietermaritzburg Area”, the top six attributes that people looked out for were “safety, reliability, comfort, performance, aesthetics and service. presents you essay service blog where you can find different advice about essay writing, contests, student tips and much more. 24/7 Live chat News. Jun 8th Women with perfect hair, crystal bright teeth, full lips and botoxed faces. Men in sleek suits, driving around in luxury vehicles and investing millions of dollars.

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As with earlier developments like anti-lock brakes, these new features are quickly trickling down from high-end luxury cars to family sedans and even economy brands.

The automobile industry has found many successful ways to advertise its new cars, trucks and minivans while making a profit. The automobile industry does research to find what works best for any specific car, truck or minivan.

The car brands that are more focused on luxury includes Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche to top the list. The other brands that produce luxurious units aside from everyday vehicle includes Nissan, Subaru, Lexus, Lotus, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Jaguar, Ford and much more.

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