Inclusion essay outline

The teacher directly affects whether or not inclusion will be a successful tactic. The level of preparation given to teachers prior to receiving students with special needs in their classroom directly affects the successes of inclusion. These two strategies provide teachers with knowledge about differentiation as an instructional strategy and other methods, and with the opportunities to develop collaborative skills with parents, and other paraprofessionals in the field.

Inclusion essay outline

Nicole Householder Running head: Inclusion of special education students in a classroom facilitates Inclusion essay outline in both the mental and physical values of the humankind. Maria Montessori was one of the first proponents of Special Education.

At the time, children with special needs were viewed as unable to be educated. Her observations of special-needs children were revolutionary, leading to an education movement: Montessori education is authentic because inclusion of all people is a natural characteristic of this method.

The Montessori classroom thrives on the diversity of exchanges; all people are recognized to have an integral part of the makeup of the community. Serving as a successful model for all education, the Montessori method, honors and implements inclusion leading to peace, trust and respect, both inside and outside of the classroom — because all children are beneficiaries of education.

The following paper is an outline of the components of Special Education inclusion and Montessori education, and an analysis of the Inclusion essay outline between the two.

Inclusion The word inclusion means to be included in life and to participate using one's abilities in day-to-day activities as a member of the community Tomko,para. The goal for inclusion is to help students reach their maximum potential and to become productive members of society Tomko, Inclusion is a mental process as much as a physical process.

Judith Snow says that we must see through the lie of the label. Guided by Nature, Thursday, August 1, A variety of strategies are essential in the implementation of classroom management: Student participation, with classroom rules, expectations and consequences, help student accountability and fosters trust, respect and success.

A comfortable and safe classroom environment can promote a child to be proactive, stimulate awareness and enable self-regulation from feeling anxious or overstimulated Bullard,para.

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Classroom management provides the framework for a successful environment, and collaboration with the child's academic team can increase the chances of success. Effective collaboration Effective collaboration among the child, classroom teacher, special education teacher, administrators and parents is essential for the child to develop skills and tools of independence and to be safe in a regular education classroom as the students are working towards independence K.

Beerman, personal communication, July, Allowing the child to have a voice in setting personal goals, expectations, modifications for the IEP individual education planbehavioral plan or helps with personal accountability, builds a relationship with all involved parties and enables intrinsic motivation.

The common purpose of working together is to help the child learn.

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Focusing on the positive behavior taking place and the progress the child is making along with questions or discussions of concern, enhances a positive relationship.

Collaboration amongst all parties involved is critical for the success of the child. Visual support Visual support is beneficial for all students and can be both global, i.

Inclusion essay outline

Types of global visual supports include: Individual visual supports may include but are not limited to: The use of visual supports can assist a teacher and a child in clearly defining activities and desirable behaviors and create an environment of emotional safety.

Emotional safety Emotional safety in the classroom evolves from community building. Community building within the classroom fosters the growth of special needs kids and acceptance by all students. It diminishes the concepts of social stigmas and encourages social acceptance, providing a place of a safe community where each individual has a unique and equal part.

Emotional safety, collaboration and classroom management are important components of educational success involving the validation of individuals' feelings, personal responsibility, and how their actions affect the community.

Working on problem-solving skills as a class is an element to a community that involves individual feelings and personal responsibility, and making the classroom stronger Hendley, Having patience, and role modeling social skills in the classroom are instrumental in supporting community building.

By acknowledging students' feelings, teachers and students can develop trust and respect with one another and can improve classroom behavior dynamics Hendley, Special Education Student Perspective Interviews from Special Education students were conducted in order to reflect and formulate advice for teachers about how to make the classroom a more supportive place for all students.

The majority of the students spoke strongly and articulately about the importance of feeling respected by the teacher.

Inclusion essay outline

A teacher who respects students earns respect in return and thereby gains much more cooperation and goodwill from students.This thesis paper is an outline of the positive contributions of inclusion in the classroom. It also serves as a menu of what inclusion and the process of inclusion should look like and who should be involved.

“Inclusion is a philosophy that brings diverse students, families, educators, and community members together to create schools and other social institutions based . In this essay I will outline my personal philosophy regarding inclusion, how it affects my practice as a teacher and finally, the behaviour support issues associated with my professional role.

Fundamentally, education and schooling should be socially just. The following paper is an outline of the components of Special Education inclusion and Montessori education, and an analysis of the relationship between the two.

Inclusion The word inclusion means to be included in life and to participate using one's abilities in day-to-day activities as a member of the community (Tomko, , para.

1). This essay example will explain you what factors influence the usage of inclusion method. Also, You'll learn how to craft a compliant essay conclusion. Inclusion, the process of allowing all children the opportunity to fully participate in regular education classroom activities regardless of disability, race, or other characteristics is often fought in public schools.

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