Government and the media essay

They always determine what the entire population of the State get to learn about the national or international events while the constitution guarantees freedom of press. Justice can be viewed as a way in which individuals are treated as equals without discrimination of any kind. The government should be able to guarantee protection to each civilian in the state. They should eradicate discrimination, corruption and injustice.

Government and the media essay

Authoritarian theory states that all forms of mass media have to be under the absolute government regulation; the media and its professionals are obliged to follow government instructions at all times.

This would mean that whatever the people of the country hear is what the government wants it to hear. Under this system, it is assumed the government is indisputable and infallible. When the media is controlled by the government, it would naturally try to conceal facts to cover up its negatives.

Under such circumstances, the freedoms of people are generally curtailed to an extent or even repressed to give way to the interests of the government.

An authoritarian government functions on principles that are very similar to totalitarianism. Most of the pre-democratic societies that existed were authoritarian in nature.

Exposure to foreign media was also very much restricted. Under this setup, the media was partly owned by the government and partly by powerful individuals; printing presses were owned by private parties while the government held control over propaganda mediums such as cinema and broadcasting.

For instance, Adolf Hitler and his Italian counterpart Mussolini used propaganda and controlled German and Italian news media respectively in such a way that would influence people to follow the Nazi and fascist ideas.

According to Hitler, propaganda was meant to influence the most common simpleton in a country, just by the virtue of popularity This liberated journalists from the organizational and political pressures, and gave them autonomy to function at free will.

Hence, it is also commonly known as free press theory.

The central idea of media was to keep people informed and entertained. Anyone with a new idea would be welcome to publish his ideas. However, the only rule to be followed was to refrain from defaming anyone or intentionally displaying obscenity of any kind.

Government and the media essay

This paved the way for investigative journalism and served as a way to keep the government disciplined. It also facilitated uninhibited exchange of news among foreign media.

The government did not enforce any restrictions on what could be published and otherwise. All forms of media were privately owned under this system. John Milton was one of the pioneers of this libertarian revolution which started in the late 17th century England and later spread to other parts of the world including the United States.

Milton argued that the existence and interference of government control was a grave threat to intellectual freedom. American President Thomas Jefferson also supported theory of libertarian ideas and openly stated that he would have to pick libertarianism if he was given a choice.

This theory was based on the belief that human beings are free and naturally capable of choosing what is right.

The media gives citizens all the facts and are left to make up their own minds on various issues. Libertarian ideals were implemented in Chile in the form of Mutualism during the early 19th century, wherein the artisans and working class started to govern themselves by forming societies Gambone, Role of new media in promoting tourism New media is a terminology which emerged in the late 20th century to indicate the amalgamation of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word, with the interactive power of computer and communications technology, most importantly the Internet.

Government Censorship of Media Essay “The government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the . Government: Federal Government of the United States and Social Media Sites Essay. Should the government monitor social media There are multiple things the government monitors in our society, from cell phones when your texting or calling.

To TV shows that you watch or the radio that you listen to. Essay Media Controls Your Mind. Media has an affect on the popular culture more than most people think.

It is simply everywhere you go and unavoidable. So either way you look at it, the mass media occurs in a person’s life on a daily basis. Which has a severe effect on the choices you make and the morals you live by.

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Government: Federal Government of the United States and Social Media Sites Essay. Should the government monitor social media There are multiple things the government monitors in our society, from cell phones when your texting or calling.

The Media’s Impact on Politics, Government and Elections. The Media is a complicated part of the American Government knotted with the practice of democracy. Like anywhere in the world, in America too, media is the primary source for any news or happenings.

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