Gaya thesis ukm

A typical research proposal will be somewhere between 1, words. You have not yet voted on this site!

Gaya thesis ukm

The thesis including figures should be typed using a computer and printed out using a laser printer. The font of the thesis should be in Tahoma except in Gaya thesis ukm involving scientific symbols. Use the font size for the main text and size-9 for other forms of text such as for footnotes.

The first paragraph should start at the left margin do not indent. Subsequent paragraphs should begin after a point indent. Page numbers should be centralised at the bottom of each page 28 mm from the bottom edge.

Left margin set at 38 mm from the left edge.

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Right, top, and bottom margin set at 28 mm from the right, top, and bottom edge. Colour of the main text is black. Thesis Title on Hardcover Appendix A i. Title must be typed in bold, capital letters, font size Title must be centralized upside down pyramid placed in the middle between the left and right margins.

Use single-spacing for titles requiring more than one line. Candidates are not allowed to use abbreviated words in the title 2 v. Name of candidate must be typed in bold, capital letters, font size Name of Faculty must be typed in bold, capital letters, font size Chapter Title Appendix Q i.

Typed in capital letters, bold, font size Chapter titles must be centralized placed in the middle between the left and right margins. Headings and Subheadings Appendix R i.

Gaya thesis ukm

Typed in lowercase, bold, font size Capitalize the first letter of each word except for propositions such as: Chapter Titles and Subtitles b. Abstract in English and its translation in Bahasa Malaysia Abstrak f. Table of Contents except between chapter titles double spacing is allowed between chapter titles g.

Explanations of tables, figures, photographs and musical notations h. Any quotation inserted in any sentence with more than 40 words must be enclosed within double quotation marks.

A block quotation containing more 3 than 40 words should be typed in a new paragraph indent the paragraph on both left and right margin 1. Every paragraph must be justified aligned evenly along both the left and right margins b. The first paragraph after the title and the subtitle begins from the left without indentation.

The subsequent paragraphs should begin with an indent of Spacing between paragraphs is separated by two 2 spaces or by 1. New paragraphs at the end of the page must have at least two lines of complete sentences and should be justified.

Otherwise, the paragraph should begin on the next page. The last word on the page should not be followed by a hyphen. A complete word should be used to begin the next page. If the final line of any paragraph becomes the first line on a new page, its length should be at least half of a typewritten line.

Gaya thesis ukm

Do not start a sentence with a number. Numbers and figures in text which are below ten 10 should be writen in words For example, Three labourers were interviewed in this research. Title must be centralized upside-down pyramid type-written in Tahoma font-size Title must be centralized upside-down pyramid 1.

Centralize the page number at the bottom part of a page using Tahoma font-size The preliminary and supplementary pages such as tables of contents, declaration, etc.

The first title page in the preliminary section is regarded as page i even though the page number is not typed or indicated Appendix B c.Non-finite dependent finite dependent finite proposal management energy thesis.

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Lilia Halim, National University of Malaysia, Department of Methodology and Educational Practices, Department Member. Studies Pedagogical Content Knowledge . Panduan Penulisan Tesis Gaya UKM (Download from 4shared or ifile) receives many requests from readers to provide the UKM style guideline online.

Since the official link for Gaya UKM provided by PPS UKM is broken, tried to find the best version of the guideline from unofficial sites. A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and.

Pada prinsipnya definisi dan kriteria UKM di negara-negara asing didasarkan pada aspek-aspek sebagai berikut: business networking dissertation Master Thesis Ukm algebra i homework.

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Good and Bad Literature Review Prof. Dr Supyan Hussin Email: [email protected] Organized by Graduate School UKM Gaya UKM?, Own style?

The arts of writing; The arts of persuasion where to put these frameworks in the thesis? Chapter 1 or Chapter 2? Dr Supyan Hussin UKM.

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