Computerized sales and inventory system requirements and specification

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Computerized sales and inventory system requirements and specification

More Essay Examples on Problem Rubric 2. The proponents decided then to develop a computer-based sales and inventory system that the store can use to be able to solve major and minor problems encountered when using a manual system in doing these operation.

Product returned include damage items when a product is returned, it should be accompanied with the receipt of the purchased product. Since only the product category and its price are indicated in the receipt, it would be hard for the manager to easily find and validate the product and the receipt so as to accept the return transaction.

How to create a module that is enable to generate updated report such as the sales report and inventory report, as well as fast moving and slow moving products reports that is available anytime is needed? The store does not have an actual inventory report and their sales report are made and calculated just through the receipt from the cash register.

The general manager cannot identify which products are fast moving and which are slow moving because the general manager cannot identify what specific products are commonly bought and what are not.

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Information for fast moving and slow moving items is essential so Computerized sales and inventory system requirements and specification to be aware of the products that need more attention in terms of the reordering of these products.

How to create a module that is able to implement security with regards to the information and files so as to keep data integrity?

Important documents can be altered since anyone can gain access to these documents. Another problem is regarding to cashier operators. Since there is no security with regards to who can use the cash registers unauthorized sales transactions may occur, thus resulting to loss of data integrity and reliability.

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The proponents will design and develop a Computer-based Sales and Inventory System for Alta School and Office Supply that will solve major and minor problems encountered in the current system used. This will eventually help the host company speed-up the process of the whole system.

Computerized sales and inventory system requirements and specification

In this statement the proponents need to organize the record of all the information about the system so that we can easily see all the information we need to see if it is necessary.

Without organization the system will have corrupted files and revision would be impossible in the database. To develop a module that will compute the sales and record transaction for the amount product purchased, and the number available in the store.

The proponents will develop a security to protect the feature where the data files and information will be secured from the unauthorized person and to avoid any of alteration of data files.

The system cannot be used without any users, because it is required in the system. This computerized sales and inventory will ease the work of the persons involved in this system to minimize their tasks as well as to keep up with the technology nowadays.

The computerized system will help minimize the problem encountered in the existing manual system of the company as well as to keep up with technology nowadays. Limitations The system cannot provide a payment using credit cards. Obviously it is more profitable to have an online ordering but probably it cannot apply them online orders.

Computerized sales and inventory system requirements and specification

The transaction or method cannot be converted in to a computerized system and can only be done manually such as evaluating the reports or suggesting an alternate product or any decision related problem. It is the development cycle designed to give much faster.

The SDLC is a phased approach to analysis and design that hold that systems are best developed through the use of a specific cycle of analyst and user activities.

Although each phase is presented discretely, the proponents did not intentionally make them as separate steps instead, several activities may occur concurrently, and activities may be repeated, because SDLC is more useful if it is applied as phases rather than in separate steps.

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Planning Priorities for system and projects; an architectures for data, networks, and selection hardware, and IS management are the result of associated systems; Detailed steps, or work plan, for project: Specification of system scope and planning and high level system requirements or features; Assignment of team members and other resources; System justification or business case.

Analysis Description of current system and where problems or opportunities are with a general recommendation on how to fix, enhance, or replace current system; Explain of alterative systems and justification for chosen alterative Design Functional, detailed specifications of all system elements data, processes, inputs, and outputs ; Technical, detailed specification of all system elements programs, files, network, system, software, etc.

Implementation Code, documentation, training procedures, and support capabilities. Maintenance New version or releases of software with associated updates to documentation, training, and support.Anonymized data is stored for redirects to the career site tracking successful searches leading to job applications in effort to measure effectiveness of partners in sourcing job candidates and job searches.

Modbus Supplier Directory. The Modbus Organization maintains a database of companies that supply Modbus devices. This is especially useful for users looking for Modbus devices for their applications.

Sales and Inventory System Thesis Documentation. In using this computerized sales and inventory system you can establish the benefits you and your business handling may have.

First is time savings. including inventory handling requirements. Effective Inventory Analysis.

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