Bank of america swot analysis

Bank Of America Marketing Plan Current Situation Bank of America is a financial institution, serving individual consumers, small and middle market businesses, corporations and Governments with a range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk management products and services.

Bank of america swot analysis

Lighthouse24 Feb 10, 4: The reason, I think, is that most small businesses use a different planning philosophy than larger organizations. Large organizations typically define a vision, identify strategic objectives related to that vision, and then plan downward or outward, depending on how the model is depicted to realize the vision through the achievement of various tactical and operational goals.

As I see it, Balanced Scorecard is a way to integrate and measure progress toward the specific set of Financial, Marketing, Process Management, and HRD goals, targets, and initiatives that make up the vision. The management team for a larger organization can often envision where they want to company, agency, or non-profit to be in two, five, or maybe even twenty years from now -- so they have time and resources to establish the related metrics, and to institute the feedback loops measure, analyze, adjust that would allow Balanced Scorecard to work well for them.

In contrast, small businesses tend to plan from the bottom up or outside in.

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They often begin with a single element -- for instance, a financial opportunity that others have overlooked, a market need that isn't being met, a unique process that provides a radical competitive advantage, or a specialized skill that no one else has.

They figure out how to operationally apply that element, then determine how to tactically add on the other elements that are needed to support the operation, and finally figure out how to strategically deliver it in a profitable business context.

In one sense, "balance" is built-in to that evolution. Further, once a small business is delivering that initial element, the owner invariably sees other elements and opportunities I have no data to back this up, but I think most small businesses are actually engaged in a slightly "different" business than their owners initially imagined.

The analogy I use is an oil tanker versus a small sailboat crossing the ocean. A tanker plows through the waves en route to its destination using the most direct course possible, and very little affects it. Because the cargo is valuable and capable of doing enormous damage, certain things must be monitored and measured -- most of which are "internal" to the ship and its well-being and for which the ship has dedicated equipment and personnel.

On the other hand, a sailboat gets pitched and rolled by the waves, and has to constantly respond to changes in the wind and weather. While the destination is or should be a measureable objective, a sailboat can't go straight there.

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So like a small businessit sometimes has to maneuver to take advantage of opportunities and thrive, and sometimes has to maneuver just to protect itself and survive. A small business "captain" goes it alone, without the sophistication a tanker might have.

Bottom line, managing a small business presents different challenges than managing a large organization, and therefore relies on some different management approaches.

It is good way to forecast the performance of the company through its SWOT analysis, which can help you to check its strong side of Citigroup. This company has vast experience to solve the financial issues of the people and find the most suitable solutions to carry out their financial activities. Bank of America Merrill Lynch: SWOT Analysis & Company Profile offers both overview level information and in-depth analysis of Bank of America Merrill Lynch highlighting the major internal and. Bank of America hired an acoustical consulting firm, to evaluate the space and make recommendations. Several noise reduction techniques were suggested along with the inclusion of a sound masking system.

The rewards are also different. Big organizations offer big rewards, but mostly at the end of the voyage. A small business offers small rewards all along the way. If the sailboat passes near that one particular harbor on a day when the weather is fine and there are no commitments to keep, the small business captain can drop anchor and be like one of those folks in a Corona commercial for awhile.

The big tanker just plows on by, while we lay on the beach and wave.Case Analysis: Bank of America: Mobile Banking Company Overview: Bank of America is the largest US bank founded in , it has expanded through several acquisitions.

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By the end of , Bank of America was the market leader serving 82% of the US population and over 53 million customers. CASE STUDY: Bank of America Customer Service -- Good is Just Not Good Enough by Art Weinstein, Wendy Clasen, Erika Lorenzo and Eric Roberson Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA) Introduction Bank of America Corporation (BOA) is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation founded in Banking Industry PESTEL analysis The banking industry is a highly fragmented one made up of various segments including retail banking, corporate and .

Access FDIC policy research and analysis of regional and national banking trends. Center for Financial Research The Center promotes research on topics important to the FDIC mission, including deposit insurance, bank supervision, and resolution of failed financial institutions.

This marketing strategy of Bank of America has attracted a lot of clients and customers. This is an online community like LinkedIn, wherein the business information like annual revenue, website and location, as well as other information is being shared online.

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Bank of america swot analysis
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