Attributes that have shaped me to who i am today

Spinal mount on an Azhanti High Lighting class frontier cruiser from RPG Traveller As a general rule, a space warship is basically a " weapons platform. Single weapons and multi-weapon turrets are mounted on " hardpoints " or "weapon stations. One only hangs a heavy picture frame on a nail in a wall stud, not just the wall board. For the same reason only mount a heavy turret on a hardpoint, not on a flimsy stretch of hull.

Attributes that have shaped me to who i am today

It has a though call to decide which designer will make to cut. But we have to pick only 70 to this list. We will cover more more great ones on a separated list.

The data information is provided by the designmuseum. His greatest buildings, like the Viipuri Library and Paimio Sanatorium, fused the naturalism of Finnish romanticism with modernist ideals: Born in Tel Aviv, he moved to London in to study architecture and made his name in the early s as a self-taught designer-maker of sculptural furniture.

He now works across both design and architecture. Pioneering the notion of graphic design with a social conscience, Barnbrook makes strong statements about corporate culture, consumerism, war and international politics.

Working in both commercial and non-commercial spheres, Barnbrook combines originality, wit, political savvy and bitter irony in equal measures. He has dominated shoe design since setting up in business in London in the early s.

Having devoted the first half of his career to typefaces for use in print, such as Miller and Bell Centennial, he then pioneered the design of fonts for use on screen, notably Verdana for Microsoft.

Hussein Chalayan Fashion Designer — Hussein Chalayan is one of the most visionary designers working in fashion today. His first UK retrospective From fashion and back currently showing at the Design Museum, illustrates his innovative use of materials, meticulous pattern cutting and a progressive attitude to new technology.

Luigi Colani Aircraft and product designer LUIGI COLANI is one the great mavericks of 20th century design with an independent spirit, a flair for showmanship and a willingness to engage the wider public that has kept him outside the design mainstream.

With a background in car styling and aerodynamics, Colani has pursued an interest in imagining a world that does not yet exist — one of utopian architecture, high performance cars and huge supersonic aircraft flying many times the speed of sound and.

Attributes that have shaped me to who i am today

He also defined a new business model in the post-war fashion industry by establishing Dior as a global brand across a wide range of products.

Norman Foster Architect NORMAN FOSTER is an architectural phenomenon; responsible for a dozen or more of the key buildings of the last 30 years, but also as the founder of perhaps the most financially successful architectural practice of modern times.

Her work inspired both modernism and Art Deco. Zaha Hadid Architect The first woman to win the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in its 26 year history, ZAHA HADID has defined a radically new approach to architecture by creating buildings, such as the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, with multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry to evoke the chaos of modern life.

Both his buildings and products, like his Swan and Egg Chairs, combine modernist ideals with a Nordic love of naturalism. Though contentious and frequently misunderstood, he established the fashion label that is now internationally acclaimed and coveted without compromising his approach.

Born in London, he is renowned for his ascetically elegant, quietly humorous style and has designed everything from a tray-table to a tram system. Born in Sydney, he has worked from studios in Tokyo, Paris and, now, London, to design everything from a private jet to a Ford car.

Attributes that have shaped me to who i am today

Renowned as a designer and maker of cutlery, Mellor has also designed furniture, tools, ecclesiastical silver, traffic lights and a post box. The self-taught Muir made her name in the s, creating a reputation for exquisitely tailored, timeless, feminine clothing.

In he was the guest curator of the Cybersonica exhibition. He regularly writes on Pixelsumo and is one of the founding member of the event series, This happened.1. Wayne Arnold let me hold the trumpet he just got from school (I was in kindergarten) and at that moment, I knew that I would have to play.

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32 years later, I still play. What Makes Me The Person I Am Today shaped I am going to tell a short story. This story will clearly show why I have become to person I am and the misfortunes I have experienced which have. Cadbury was founded nearly years ago, and is now one of the biggest and best chocolate brands on the market.

If you take a look into the chocolate company’s history, you’ll find a wealth of interesting facts about their have selected the 10 best Cadbury facts for you.

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