Assimilating to a new culture

Another day, another series of head-scratching comments surfacing from Jason Richwine, co-author of a controversial immigration study, which sought to calculate the cost of undocumented immigrants becoming citizens with immigration reform legislation pending. Unlike the Irish and Sicilians who he says assimilated, some groups have no prospect of that happening, he says. Richwine goes on to say black and white culture has diverged in the last 50 years, Native Americans are still on reservations and Mexicans who have been here for a long time also can not assimilate. Imagine if we replaced all of them with, say, Australian-aborigines, Pakistanis and Cambodians.

Assimilating to a new culture

From the descriptions, it seemed all heat, no light. Several thoughtful conservatives I follow on Twitter said the whole thing played like a dream advertisement for the NRA, in that it played right into the fear among gun owners that the Left despises them and is eager to take away their guns.

Cards on the table: I am in favor of a significantly greater degree of gun regulation than many of my fellow conservatives are, and I get as annoyed with right-wing Second Amendment absolutists who insist that any attempt to control guns will lead to a civil liberties apocalypse as I do with left-wing First Amendment absolutists who hold that any attempt to control access to pornography is welcoming Big Brother.

That said, it drives me to despair to see how so many on the left demonize guns so thoroughly that they imagine that guns themselves are the prime source of our mass violence problem.

I grew up in a rural hunting culture, where guns were, and are, widely available. Nothing like this ever happened. If a troubled kid wanted to shoot up his school, the weaponry and the opportunity was there, in spades. Children are our Future. Provide plenty of TV, microwave dinners, day care, computers, computer games, cars.

For all this, they will love and respect us and be glad to grow up and pay our debts. A good school is a big school. Disarm the children before you let them in. Of course, education is for the Future, and the Future is one of our better-packaged items and attracts many buyers.

The past, on the other hand, is hard to sell; it is, after all, past. It may have some bad things in it, like storms or floods or earthquakes or plagues or volcanic eruptions or stray meteors, but soon we will learn to predict and prevent such things before they happen. In the Future, many scientists will be employed in figuring out how to prevent the unpredictable consequences of the remaining unpreventable bad things.

There will always be work for scientists. Third, Stella Morabito discusses the way we educate kids today is designed to inculcate mental instability.


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Because of the perception that the individual assimilating hasn't an importance sense of virtue - in this context, culture is a source of integrity, and being perceived to detach oneself from it for another culture is to provoke the idea that one is without integrity.

Those groups were eagerly assimilating into the larger culture and rejecting their own cuisine —Corby Kummer, New York Times Book Review, 16 Aug.

Definition of cultural assimilation

The mistaken attempts to assimilate Lindner's paintings into the Pop Art movement in the s . To Assimilate or to Acculturate? Spring Experience and Other Evidence Essays. Article 5 of Previous Article. By doing this, I was assimilating, and this way I felt more comfortable being a part of society and no longer felt like an outsider.

Usually when an individual is placed into a new culture, he/she is forced to. Assimilating to a new culture means to do all of the following except _____. A. learn the language spoken in the new location B.

abandon the old language and traditions in favor of the new.

Assimilating to a new culture

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