A visit to cherating

Grand Imperial offers fine Chinese cuisine with lavishness in mind. Daily offerings include Chinese dim sum, BBQ roasts, seafood steamboat, Hong Kong noodles and abundance of fresh seafood dishes. Grand Imperial Restaurant in Bangsar offers wide CNY menu choices and we tasted dishes picked from the various menus that night.

A visit to cherating

Taiwanese Giant Squid Galore Taiwan Street Snacks in Malaysia Taiwan is famous for their street food snacks and I have seen many times in tv food shows that one of popular Taiwan street snacks happens to be the giant whole squid that is deep fried and also served in many other various flavours.

And yet, I have not tasted one till recently. Takio Ikayaki is a popular franchaise that sells Taiwanese street snack focusing on the giant squid and stuffed fresh squid with Spanish seafood baked rice. In fact, it is the only A visit to cherating chain in Malaysia selling this specialty Taiwan seafood street food.

Takio Ikayaki takes on the kiosk structure and has kiosk in Klang Valley, Penang and Perak currently. Since their speciality focus on Taiwan street food, most customers do take-away rather than dine-in. I visited one of their kiosks in Berjaya Times Square with my family one Sunday and enjoyed a quick snacking by their small dine-in counter beside the kiosk.

We checked out their menu and saw offerings of giant squids prepared few ways, BBQ shrimp and soft shell crab. The menu is small but sufficient in terms of street food snacks. Located at the 3rd floor in Tiny Taipei, Takio Ikayaki was pretty much bustling with business as many make quick stops for these gargantuan squids the Sunday morning that I was there.

There are basically five signature snack items at Takio with another two additional options of rice bowl and drinks. There are also some special sauces available to go with the seafood snacks.

We quickly ordered some Ice Lemon Tea while we waited for our snacks. These are like the biggest squids I have ever seen.

Besides squid, there is shrimp and soft shell crab too. Our first snack arrive, looking pretty delectable since I happen to like squid tentacles very much, more so than the squid body as I like the chewy texture of the tentacles.

The Golden Squid Head is perfectly encrusted in a golden crispy batter.

A visit to cherating

Light sprinklings of seasoning on the tentacles are the unique peppery flavours that most Taiwanese deep fried food is seasoned with.

One gets a strong and robust peppery savory flavour when munching on these tentacles. This one is very enjoyable for the price of RM6. Next up, what I came for specifically, was the Deep Fried 25cm Squid. Not that I was measuring but the size of the giant squid is mind-boggling at sight. There is a lot of crunchy and chewy textures so be prepare to get some jaw exercise.

The flavours echo the tentacles. One can have these spicy or non-spicy. The body of the squid is pretty thick and has a good firm bite while the tentacles have more of a chewy note. It makes good snacking if you are a fan of squid and is priced at RM8.

The next squid dish was Ikameshi, fresh squid stuffed with Spanish seafood baked rice, crumbed, deep fried and served with various sauces.

These look like fat tornado or submarine at sight. Out of the three, I like the Honey Mustard sauce as there is a nice balance of sweet and mustard notes that went well with the crispy squid and savory rice stuffing.

The rice stuffing is a bit soft for my liking but it is nevertheless pretty much decent when savored together with the squid and sauce.

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When is the best time to visit Cherating? Discover the peak season and when to visit Cherating.

A visit to cherating

Check daily climate conditions, month wise weather, rainfall, humidity in Cherating to know which month or season is the best time to visit Cherating. Club Med Cherating Beach is an eco-friendly jungle beach resort perched on the edge of the Malaysian jungle with treetop adventures, and endless wildlife discoveries.

WELCOME. Ruby’s Resort is located on the beautiful beach side of Cherating in Pahang, Malaysia. Our team will try their best to ensure your stay with us is fun and comfortable with a . Welcome to Casa Titik. Casa Titik is a family villa designed in a simple and beautiful Spanish style.

Located just a stone's throw from the beach on the coast of Cherating, Casa Titik makes for a relaxing getaway for those looking to enjoy the comforts of home in . Cherating has its fair share of attractions – there’s the beautiful sweeping beaches bordered by coconut palm trees, the first-rate wave breaks that make it a surfers’ paradise and a .

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