A general look at the purpose and functions of the hospitality department

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A general look at the purpose and functions of the hospitality department

Front Office Front office has been described as the hub or nerve center of the hotel. It is the department that makes a first impression on the guest and one that the guest relies on throughout his or her stay for information and service.

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The function of front office are the followings: To sell and up-sell rooms The front office will hand over all the expected arrivals and available rooms after reservations office closed at 6: Also,it should apply the yield management that is upselling the features of a larger room, a higher floor or a better view in higher price for someone booking a room with shortly notice when the demand of room is high.

To maintain balanced guest account The office should make use of the property management systems PMS and point-of-safe terminals POS to open a guest account for each customer and post all charges from the departments. To offer service such as handing mails,faxes,messages and hotel information Customers always approach the front dest with questions so the front dest employees should have enough knowledge about the hotel.

The front desk is staffed throughout the twenty-four hours by three shift to provide service. Ever shift has different duties to do. Reservations The reservation department is one first contact to the guest making the reservation for room. The reservation can be done by a variety of sources such as telephone, corporate numbers, travel agents, internet and walk-in.

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There are two types of reservation that the department need to consider. Confirmed reservation It is a reservation made with sufficient time for a comfirmation slip including confirmed dates,types of room booked, number of guests and so on.

It is to return to the guests by mail or fax so that they can bring the slip to the hotel to verify the booking. If the guest arrive late, the hotel may have the right to cancel his or her reservation and sell the room to others. Guaranteed reservation The hotel will take the credit card number of the guest to ensure the payment of the room.

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The guest choose to have guaranteed reservation has the promise from the hotel to provide room even if the guest arrive late. However, if the guest does not show-up, the hotel will charge him for one night accommodation automatically.

Housekeeping The four major areas of responsibilitys for the executive housekeeper are as follows: Leadership of people, equipment, and supplies Cleanliness and servicing th eguest rooms and public areas Operating the department according to financial guidelines prescribed by the general manager Keeping records of supplies and equipment to control inventory 4.

Concierge The concierge is a seperste department from the front office room clerks and cashiers. They should not only have a detailed knowlege of the hotel and its service, but also of the city and even the international details.

Also, they can speak several languages.

A general look at the purpose and functions of the hospitality department

Guest service The guest service department is responsible to give the guest positive first impressions.

The staff consists of door attendant, bell person and concierge. Door attendants are dressed in impressive uniforms. They greet guests at the hotel front door, assist in opening or closing automobile doors, removing luggage from the trunk, hailing taxis, keeping the door entrance clear of vehicles and giving guest infomation about the hotel and the local area in a courteous and friendly way.

Bell person is mainly to escort guests and transport luggage to their rooms.

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They also need to explains the service of the hotel and points out the features of the room to the guest. For example, the lighting, TV, air-conditioning, room service etc.

Security Security department is providing guest protection and loss prevention. And it includes four elements. Security officers make regular rounds of the hotel premises, observing the suspicious behavior and taking appropriate action, investigating incidents and cooperating with local law enforcement agencies.

Equipment includes two-way radios, closed-circuit television cameras, smoke detectors, fire alarms and electronic key cards etc. Safety procedures are some guidelines for the staffs and the guests to ensure their safety.

For example, security officers should be able to gain access to guest room, store room and office all the times. Identification procedure is to offer identification cards with photographs to all employees.

The guests can contact with name-tagged employees that not only project a friendly image for the property, but also useful for security reasons. Communication The communication department will manage the in-house communication, guest communication and also the emergency center by CBX or PBX technologies.

For example, the call billing system will charge the customer if the customer make a long-distance call placed from the guest room. Also, communication department is a profit center. It is because hotels generally add a 50 percent charge to all long-distance phone calls Advertisements.A general ledger is used by businesses that employ the double-entry bookkeeping method, which means that each financial transaction affects at least two general ledger accounts and each entry has.

Jun 27,  · Management Functions. Housekeeping management functions belong to higher-level supervisors or managers, depending on the size of the hotel or operation.

A general look at the purpose and functions of the hospitality department

Workers fulfilling this role need skills in supervision, procurement, budgeting and problem-solving. For example, managers set the housekeeping standards and oversee the training of new hires. The Maintenance Department. One of the key responsibilities of a general manager is the maintenance and upkeep of the hotel.

Owners refer to this as preserving the asset. Many hotel properties suffer from owners who do not put back into the hotel. The department's accountants review the records of each department to determine the company's financial position and any changes required to run the organization cost-effectively.

Purpose of an. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, . Main functions of Event Management are explained below: 1.

Planning: A closer look at the planning function that the overall coordinator, the project manager and the sales team is dedicated to is warranted here. 5 Main Functions of Event Management–Explained! Defining arrangements for the quality of hospitality and the dress code of.

5 Main Functions of Event Management–Explained!